The Genesis of Virtual Assistant Force and why we now use a Virtual Office Assistant!

The genesis of Virtual Assistant Force and how hiring a virtual office assistant is the way forward.


On 16 March 2020 I along with millions of other people in the UK and around the world were faced with a radical change to their lives virtually overnight. Having successfully run a movie tour business for the past 10 years, suddenly I was faced with the prospect of a cliff edge scenario to the thing I had cherished and nurtured for a large part of my life. Nobody in living memory had ever experienced a global pandemic that shuts down society in such way. A tour business thrives on social interaction, free movement of people around the world and confidence in the destination being safe. Suddenly all of this was pulled from beneath my feet. What was a very viable business on 15 March suddenly looked in a very precarious position.

As events unfolded it began to appear that Corona Virus was going to have a deep and lasting strangehold on society and in particular the travel and hospitality businesses. As news began to filter through hour by hour day by day it became apparent that the spread of Corona Virus was going to curtail tourism for quite some time – an unspecified amount of time.

This level of uncertainty meant that I would have to seriously look at letting staff go as we didn’t know for how long we could continue their employment and what level of demand we would have once the pandemic played out. It was with huge sadness that I had to let some staff members go after years of service.

Nonetheless the pandemic gave me an oppurtunity to reassess our staffing needs and it was at this point that I realised having a virtual office assistant who can operate with flexibility on an ‘as you need them’ basis was going to be the way forward in the future. As a business I have always embraced remote working as the pros outweigh the cons of travelling to a fixed workspace, especially if you have family commitments.

So from hereon I knew that hiring a virtual office assistant for specific tasks for specific periods of time on a more flexible basis would be more suitable for my touring business. With time for reflection at home in lockdown the idea came about to develop a sister business that utilises the skills and experience of virtual workers to help assist other small and medium sized companies.

The experience of our team from admin to marketing, customer services, finance and events marketing meant we had a great core of skills between us which could benefit other businesses. Whilst our core experience is based around travel our skills can be used across a broad range of sectors.

So drop us a line and lets have a chat about your business and how we might be able to help you.

Best Wishes

Lewis Swan

Founder of Virtual Assistant Force

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